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The hilarious adventures of a young man about town. Marc Huffy Snow (aka The Huffster) has a knack for finding himself at the heart of all manner of madcap adventures. One moment, this near-impervious young Sydneysider is at a high school reunion claiming to be a mercenary gun-runner in Sierra Leone, the next he’s convinced the universe is sending him cryptic messages in the form of a lowly blowfish. When he’s not betting on a round of his beloved golf or competing for the love of a young woman at a game of sudoku, he’s joining his good friends Duncan and Enoch in some mad scheme or other, where what starts as innocent fun, inevitably becomes the stuff of nightmare. No matter what goes amiss, Huffy remains the almost calm centre of every storm. Laughter guaranteed! These thirteen ingenious tales are sure to have you laughing out loud on the bus or train, chuckling at breakfast, and grinning wildly at all hours.

Cricket in Bavaria
Huffy and the Blowfish
About the Author & Illustrator

D.R. Nunn is rapidly approaching forty years of age and a native of Sydney, Australia. He enjoys the gentle pleasure of time spent with close friends and family, coffee shops, his favourite sofa, and listening to all things jazz. Much travelled as a youth, his aspirations are now more parochial and proudly so. He likes to think that—in an era with more than a few wrinkles in its brow—there is still a world where the essential ingredients for happiness remain a good book, time for reflection, and the emotional reserves required to continue playing golf when all empirical evidence would suggest that a new hobby might be well worth investigating.

Linn Iril Thilander lives with her delightful little family in a lovely nook of beautiful Norway, south of Oslo. She has a remarkable gift for conveying complex ideas and values in her portrayal of characters imagined by others. She began her international career of illustrating books by capturing around thirty structures in the brain, where each part of the brain was represented by a personality. The book remains unique among medical textbooks, in no small part because of her beautiful and sophisticated drawings. Her illustrations of The Huffy Touch reflect her remarkable imagination and rare capacity to share it with others.

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