Process vs Progress

I have recently decided that pursuing new writing “tools” in one’s quest to become a better writer can lead to something like a productive cul-de-sac. Two concrete examples of the creative tool dead end street for me were my attempts to obtain the ultimate whiteboard solution and to convert the Caps Lock key on my keyboard to a delete key. The white board has been something of an obsession in the last two years. I finally moved into a property of my own and was shocked when I discovered three ancient floor to ceiling wardrobe mirrors. Treading where angels fear to do so, I took to them with a black Artline. It worked a treat and rubbed off equally well. The funny thing was that on realizing that I now had that which I wanted I became less motivated to use the tool. I do get use out of my mirror board, but it is not quite the unending stream of joy I had expected. Likewise, after purchasing an ergonomic 3M mouse I found that it was slightly slower to edit as I go due to the fact that I had to remove my hand from the almost vertical mouse joystick and move to the left of the board. I worked out a way using my ancient Blackwidow gaming keyboard to remap the Caps Lock to a back space or delete functionality. This took time and I was delighted at the end that I could in fact perform the action I wanted to. Unfortunately I soon found that it was a bit of a novelty that did not work as well as simply taking the time out to use the original delete and backspace keys. What is the message here I wonder? If P.G. Wodehouse could produce Right Ho, Jeeves without the aid of remapped Caps Lock key, maybe my focus should remain on the act of writing not the trivia of personal fads. Be well.