Prolificacy and Romances in Reverse

I recently read a wonderful post by the writer Warren Adler. This post is several years old now and I found it after combing online sources for materials relating to his writing. It relates to the nature of being a prolific writer and is quite fascinating. It is hard as a younger writer not to covet such a demanding but rewarding gift: the ability to produce a lot of content in a relatively short time. If the act of writing is the key to better writing it seems, to me at least, that being prolific makes it a lot easier to improve one’s craft. I’m rambling, I am afraid. Long story short: thank you, Warren Adler, for a great read and please keep writing. I have to admit that for too long I had been unaware of his work, but that is the way things always are: ‘discovering’ a great writer is a pleasure we all enjoy experiencing, as though we are the first to encounter their work. It was not until I re-watched and again loved the classic dark reverse romance, The War of the Roses, that I thought I might look into the novel indicated in the credits. When the movie was first released I was eleven, so I am not sure how I managed to find myself watching a rather dark movie, but nonetheless I did. Obviously it was a rather different experience watching the movie at 39. At eleven I had gotten caught up in the ever more horrific ways they found to torture each other, rather than the mechanics of how their relationship had gone wrong. The novel is wonderfully visual and naturally filmic. I highly recommend it to anyone with a strong emotional stomach. Be well.