Welcome Aboard!

I would like to wish you a warm welcome and thank you for expending a part of your leisure time with me, D.R. Nunn, as your navigator. This email finds me sitting inside on an overcast day in Sydney, Australia. I will not keep you long, reader, but I would like to start by thanking the team at Bright Wing Books for their incredible work on this site. It is greatly appreciated and I cannot recommend Kaleeg and his team highly enough. I wanted to let you know, reader, about my current ‘method writing’ push. People who know D.R. Nunn best know that the works of P.G. Wodehouse occupy large swathes of his bookshelves and that his opinion of the great man is of the high variety. Along these lines, I have decided to channel my inner P.G. by slavishly emulating him across a number life’s various domains. The first obvious port of call for any serious would-be Wodehouse emulator is his famous adherence to the infamous ‘Daily Dozen’ collection of exercises. Not surprisingly, this collection consisted of a set of twelve exercises to be performed, ah, daily. A small amount of research garnered a video outlining the nature of the exercises and how to perform them. I promise to keep you, my beloved reader, apprised of injuries of all sorts, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant. I will not let so much as a mild sprain go unrecorded, rest assured.

Currently reading: “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace—extraordinarily prescient and incredibly compelling. I am really enjoying this book, which is consistently heartrending I find. Definitely worth the time and effort. What a wonderful writer and what a sadness his passing was.

Thank you for your time, reader. I hope to enjoy further installments with you in the future.

Be well.